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Association of Components Manufacturers
for agricultural machinery

In 2012 Comacomp was transformed from a merchandise category into an association of components manufacturers in FederUnacoma for the specific representation of the reality of this highly organized sector characterized by dynamics and innovation in Italy and the world at large.

The production of components represented by the association for machinery for agriculture, earthmoving and gardening, OEM and spare parts, can be divided into the macro areas they belong to:

  • mechanical components (drive shafts for power trains, speed reducers and increasers, gearboxes, free wheels, clutches, axles, etc.);
  • hydraulic components (cylinders, pumps, motors, valves, etc.);
  • electric-electronic components (electric plant, cable harnesses, electronic regulation and control devices, GPS systems, onboard computers and instruments, etc.);
  • various components (belts, cabs, seats, brake systems, frames, three-point hitches, etc.);
  • irrigation components (hoses, couplings, filters, pumps, sprayers, accessories, etc.);
  • sprayer components (bars, pumps, fans, filters, ECDs, nozzles, etc.).

Comacomp activities in support of member companies are: aimed at internationalizing and promoting the production represented on markets abroad; the organization of such specific events as seminars in the setting of trade fairs; providing incentives for research projects which foster cooperation between member companies and research institutes; providing assistance and consultations in technical and regulatory fields.

Components and integrated component systems, achieved through mechanical, hydraulic and electronics interaction, play an increasingly strategic role in the process of developing the technological innovations featured by machinery in the sector as regards reliability and efficiency with respect for the environment and the safety of operators.

The Italian components industry has developed in step with that of machinery for agriculture, earthmoving and gardening and through collaboration begun in the design and engineering phases of the product which is the basis, along with intense research activities, of the vast range of highly specialized products confirmed in all production sectors around the globe.